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95% of everything


In the March 2016 issue of Los Angels magazine Quincy Jones who produced the album “Thriller” for Michael Jackson, states “ we went through 800 songs to get down to 9”. This supports the theory that at least 95% of everything is crap. For myself in the area of art that theory defiantly holds true. Actually, in my experience, it does hold true for everything. The ability for anyone to have worldwide exposure has not changed that basic equation it has just amped of the level of background noise.

The work that I currently have on my site represents less than 5% of my output over the last 2 years. A lot of what I do I do not like, or I like it for a day and then hate it a week later.

It takes me a long time to decide. I like the work that I am now showing and I have liked it for at least 6 months so for me that passes a test. I am not interested in selling work that I do not like. I spent 25 years a s commercial artist. I was paid well to create work for others. It was always a battle to do something that I liked. It is more satisfying for me to find a market for work that interests me.

The blogging experts that I have read state that those that follow your blog are not interested in your art work per se but are in fact looking to connect with you as an individual. This seems to be a form of celebrity. Well, so be it but The Donald shows us how celebrity trumps wisdom in America today and why that dynamic can be so destructive.

My intention is to talk about what draws me to make art, what is involved in the process and about how I am promoting my work.

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