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Silicone Edge Graphics  / SEGs

There are qualities that are unique to printed and painted pieces but the that color space is different than a computer display. For many years I looked for a way to replicate the images I saw on my computer screen. I looked for a technology that would replicated the viewing experience of a computer display. SEGs are that technology. The dye sublimation printing process combined with the back lit LED technology looks as luminescent and vibrant as a computer display.

There’s always a translation when going from the display screen to a print. Paintings and printed work are reflective medium. Light shines on them. Materials like metallic paint and gold leaf are very effective in traditional picture making as are rough textured surfaces.

The image on the display is akin to stained class. Colors are luminescent and appear to be, like stained glass, lit from behind. Unlike stained glass, SEGs don’t need to be in a dark room.

You have to see stained glass in person to fully appreciate its beauty, The same holds true for SEGs. Once you photograph a stained glass window or an SEG you’re one step removed. It’s like a recording of a live music event. Once it’s recorded it’s no longer live.

My SEGs are manufactured by portoDisplays in Toronto Canada.


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